• Writer’s Digest Captain Kidd Review!

    The Writer’s Digest Review for Captain Kidd and the Jersey Devil is in and it’s GREAT! You can read it in its entirety below: 

    “CAPTAIN KIDD AND THE JERSEY DEVIL by Steven Paul Winkelstein is a wonderful tale of adventure for kids and adults alike, bringing a part of New Jersey history to light with characters that readers will enjoy. Boys should especially be enthralled, but there is no reason girls won’t want to read it as well.

    As for formatting, there is a line orphaned right before chapter three. While that wouldn’t keep me from finishing the book, it might be formatted out in the future. Otherwise, the formatting is great and the book is a joy to read. I especially enjoyed the illustrations, first in front of the map, then throughout. While relatively simple, the drawings add much to the book. The cover illustration picks up the feel of the book and category.

    The dialogue is very entertaining. I like uses of words such as “Pappy,” expressions such as “driveling drool” and words that show the different sounds the characters make, such as “Ahar” because they really add personality to the characters.

    The ideas on thinking at point 791 are well taken! Is it always best to think? Hmmm…

    I chuckled at the author’s biography in the back matter, and I also visited the illustrator’s web site. Very good way to continue interest. I can see why this author has won awards, and again, the illustrator is outstanding. I would definitely recommend CAPTAIN KIDD AND THE JERSEY DEVIL!”

    Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards