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photo of captain kidd and the jersey devil
Captain Kidd and the Jersey Devil is available now on!
Captain Kidd and the Jersey Devil, is set in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and based on actual, historical New Jersey folklore. When Captain Kidd III becomes a pirate out of water after a battle gone wrong along the Batsto River, he must discover his past in order to save his future.The fourteen-year-old captain has returned to the New Jersey Pine Barrens on a dangerous journey to avenge his father’s death. All turns to bedlam when Kidd meets the dangerous and protective local Pineys, who live along the Batsto. Worse still, his best friend, Black Dog, a poodle with a wet nose for trouble, is kidnapped by the same beast that destroyed Kidd’s father eight years earlier– the New Jersey Devil.

Brisko: A True Tale of Holocaust Survival
In this non-fiction tale of Holocaust survival, Libe must survive for 18 months in a haystack. Her only hope comes from a dog named Brisko. Libe and her family are harbored by a farmer named Pavlo, who has nothing to gain from his display of humanity, and everything to lose – including his family. As the ghetto in Tuchin burns and the Nazis hunt them daily, Libe’s family must rely on their cunning, hope, and faith to endure. As their journey swells with danger and despair, their faith begins to wane, and Libe finds that her very survival will depend upon her miraculous hero, Brisko.

The Wild Mind of the Winkle
The Wild Mind of the Winkle is a book of poetry for children. The poems represent shards of a rainbow, shattered across the globe of one’s emotional spectrum. They are funny, happy, sad, confusing, and engaging. Enjoy.​
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Monsters Meet On Mondays
Learn the days of the week with these not so scary monsters!
Monsters Meet on Mondays is available on the ipad and the iphone through the free app MeeGenius by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing.

Elephant, Elephant, Come Alive!

The award-winning Elephant, Elephant, Come Alive! is available on!

Would you like to go on an adventure? How about an adventure with a giant elephant named Lucy? Come along with Lucy and her new friends as she explores the lovely beach town of Margate. Lucy comes to life when she realizes how boring it is to stand still forever. Visit Lucy’s favorite places to eat, play, read, and shop! Lucy loves them all, and you can too. Hop aboard and come alive with Lucy the Elephant!


Lucy’s Great Adventure is available on!

Lucy the Elephant is alive! When a mystical flying horse warns Lucy of the coming Slithery Sea Snake, she is off to Philadelphia and New York City to get help for her hometown, Margate City. Lucy awakens another sleeping giant with the sound of the Liberty Bell. Together with her new friend, they put that Slimy Sea Hisser back in its place.


The Diving Horse and the Magic Whistle is available on!

From the times and town of The Boardwalk Empire…. Steven Winkelstein (AKA Steven P. Winkle) and Christie Mealo return to deliver a piece of the past. The high diving horse is alive again! In this fantastical picture book, the diving horse gains a magical ability. He uses it to explore Atlantic City, the famous resort by the sea, in a way that no horse, or human, has done before!