Get ready for adventure! Captain Kidd and the Jersey Devil, is set in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and based on actual, historical New Jersey folklore. When Captain Kidd III becomes a pirate out of water after a battle gone wrong along the Batsto River, he must discover his past in order to save his future. Click above to purchase on

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Once again, Steven Winkelstein proves himself to be a great storyteller. Only this time he weaves his tale from the true story of a Holocaust survivor's trials as she and her family attempt to survive one of the darkest moments in human history." Read more Amazon customer reviews on Brisko...

"It’s such a dark time, and young readers will be moved to experience the many losses and fears of the Jews from that era, building empathy. Well done" – Writer's Digest Book Awards Judge

"Author puts a lot of emotion into dialogue and differentiates the characters’ voices well. Good characterization in their movements, which brings interactions to life. We get tension between some, warmth and trust between others, and author conveys this without telling these things. Author has a nice mastery of showing, not telling, throughout." – Writer's Digest Book Awards Judge